"Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God." - Romans 15:7

Dear Faithful,

With this message I would like to speak about our Orthodox faith and impart to you the true meaning of "Church" its authority and foundation on earth. Each Christian denomination shares in some basic truths, yet there are differences and these differences stem mostly (if not always) from segments of the church teaching a new doctrine causing a break off from the body of Christ "The Church". 

For over one thousand years the Church has been one. A living and growing entity in the world struggling towards a likeness of God and therefore salvation of our souls. The Church itself is perfect and does not err, but the human factor does. That is why we struggle, because often we do not agree, and always the enemies of the church would try to confuse and confound the faithful. Hence if we do not stay together in one mind, one heart and one belief in Christ then we break away and either leave the faith or create another church.

Christ came into the world and established one Church, not two or more, and that Church was anointed with fire on the of Pentecost. Two pillars of the church had been established from the beginning and they are the Holy Gospels and Holy Tradition. The Orthodox Church has never strayed from this structure of "Church". Today unfortunately many of our Christian brothers and sisters have throughout the past 700 years wandered into error by either creating new and strange teachings without the wholeness of the church, or they have completely abandoned Holy Tradition altogether and stand on one foot, the Gospels. Orthodoxy holds steadfastly to the truth of faith and Church because it holds close and dear to its heartbeat the faith of the Apostles and those (The Church) who follow in their teachings. We should know these things not in pride, but humility. If we are the custodians of God's truth on earth then we bear the greater responsibility to the world and to the Church. We do not boast of these things nor put down the other, but rather live in Christ through His Church.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

Father Chris

Services Schedule:

Orthros: Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

Divine Liturgy at 9:30 a.m.

YOU'RE INVITED To A Grand Banquet
GIVEN BY:    Jesus Christ
WHERE:        Holy Cross Orthodox Church
WHEN:          Every Sunday morning at 9:30 am
DRESS:         Neat and clean
PS :                 Bring a friend

Wow! You're invited to a Grand Banquet! The banquet of all banquets. The Mystical and Divine Liturgy! So, are you going? I know I am.

Very often, we decline invitations given by friends or sometimes even by relatives, because we feel that we may not know anyone there or we just don't feel like going. That is understandable, but this invitation is one which we cannot afford to decline. Why? Well, Christ is expecting you to join Him at His Mystical Supper and invites you to eat and drink with Him.

There are many prayers and concepts in the Divine Liturgy which lead up to this important event which we often remain indifferent to, not understanding their meaning and significance. Because of our lack of knowledge this becomes the obstacle to our full appreciation and understanding of the Divine Liturgy and may be what leads us to decline Christ's invitation.

You may say, how can I attend the Divine Liturgy when I don't understand what is going on? This is a legitimate response but one which will help you to grow spiritually and understand the liturgy better. So, the "CHALLENGE" is how to help. You take this first step in accepting the above invitation and I will promise, through our LOGOS Bulletin, a monthly explanation whose purpose will be to explain and help you understand the meaning and significance behind the mystery of the Divine Liturgy. This coupled with a sincere prayer on your part asking God for patience and enlightenment in understanding the Divine Liturgy, will be adequate and most worthy response to our Lord's invitation.


The photos, on this page and the following, are a true testament to the love of the church and the Orthodox Faith, and the sacrifices made because of it. The gold dome, the doors and inspiring mosaic as well as the  icons are all donated by those that love God and the Orthodox Christian Faith.